Saturday Appointments Changes

 Here at the Art Gallery Image Studio its our pleasure to service you, and  because of that, we are ALWAYS seeking ways to improve and make your experience with the Art Gallery better.

 In and effort to create more available times for appointment bookings we are currently altering Saturday appointment scheduling. Saturday is one of the most desired days for appointments, thus it can get a bit overloaded.

I have decided to make Saturday unavailable for online booking. Meaning any Saturday appointments being made, will only be available for VIPs

***Please note: any current discount being received will no longer be valid on Saturday. These changes will be made Effective MAY 1st 2017*** 

What this means for you as the VIP. Is more options to book those prime time Saturday spots that are so often taken up. We are confident that this change will help better accommodate everyone.

How Saturday scheduling works:

  • Only the people on the VIP list have the option to book Saturdays, 
  • ***Appointments are made via email Subject: SATURDAY APPOINTMENT FOR [enter desire date]***
  • Cancellation and NO CALL NO SHOW policy will be enforced, repeat offenders will be removed from the Saturday list. click here to view policies 
  • There will be Saturdays that are completely book but i will do my best to accommodate you


Sign up below to Schedule your next Saturday appointment.


P.S. Spots are already being filled