I want to  take time to thank you for patronizing me & my services. There are so many barbers throughout this city and the fact that you has chosen to use me as your personal groomer is much appreciated.

As many of you all know I'm always learning something new, and im always looking for new advancements in men’s hair grooming and care. Ever since i’ve moved into my private location I’ve been fast tracking my education to better serve you all and have found that taking a holistic approach has yielded some of the best results in the finish haircut, promoting hair growth, strength, and thickness.

One thing I’ve learned is that in order to be consistent in these results and better, I have to be 100% committed to changing my approach in men’s grooming. Many of you have had to privilege to experience some of newer services and treatments I want to introduce, and I have gotten enough feedback to know exactly which services are going to stay and those that will not.

Now, in order for me to continue forward, there are expenses that I’ve carefully considered and are now reflected in the service price founded in our updated service menu. I truly believe that taking a holistic approach will truly improve the quality of your hair and skin, resulting in a better haircut, slow down the rate in which many men are losing their hair, and in some cases, restore some hair loss.


I look forward to seeing you

Michael Banks


Saturday Appointments Changes

Saturday Appointments Changes

 In and effort to create more available times for appointment bookings we are currently altering Saturday appointment scheduling. Saturday is one of the most desired days for appointments, thus it can get a bit overloaded.

Book your VIP Saturday Appointment here....

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