What is a Reboot workshop?


Reboot is a workshop designed to help the overworked and underpaid professional think strategically through current challenges in business. Resulting in more confidence to take the next step to grow your business, successfully. 


Our first step in Reboot always starts with diagnostic . This is Your business and no one should be more invested in understanding the successes and failures of the business than "You"


Next, we Reset! Back to the basics! Everyone is at different stages in business and in their individual careers. Not everyone is having the same problems but what we do have is basic Fundamentals that are always true.  This is the reference point. 


Now, remember all those classes and dvds you brought learning advanced techniques? Once you hit the reset button you can havemore clarity on the strengths and weaknesss of the business. We then begin to Look at that information with a fresh perspective. We can determine with more certainty of how our or new information works in our business as well as what "new" information we should invest in. We call this, calibrating.  


Now we determine our destination.  Many of us have failed in successfully growing our business because there wasn't any clarity on the destination of our business. Is there enough cash flow? Do you understand how to price your services for to business ? "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit every time" -z. ZiglarWe call this, Mapping


The most critical part of rebooting, is the Reevaluation. Sometimes we get to point and realize the reason we never got to our destination was simply because wewere headed in the wrong direction. We ask this important question, does this map direct me closer to my "mission" or in away from my mission?


Now we "hit" the execute button. Nothing changes unless something changes. Our goal is to have you leaving with a plan of action.


Most of us at some point in time or another have tried to grow and better Our business by investing tens to hundreds and even thousand of dollars in dvds, classes, tools, trade shows and competitions hoping to attract more clients, but unfortunately it hasn't worked out the way we thought. 

This is often times due to focusing so much of our time and attention to technical skills only while neglecting to see the other equally importantareas of the business.  

Reboot is design to help you look at your "entire" business and strategically learn how to:

  • How to finally start implementing the techniques and training from previous and future investments 
  • How to prices your services 
  • Determine where to invest your "next" dollar to grow your business
  • Grow a consistent clientele 
  • Learn how to transition from booth renter to suite owner to salon owner
  • Tools, apps, and gadgets to make your smart phone the perfect "virtual assistant"
  • Simple ways to look at and understand BRAND, MARKET, PRODUCTS, and TECHNICAL as a “solopreneur”
  • And more