Did you know that oil can do this?

Well, not just any oil, but beard oil.

There's been a lot of question about Beard Oil and how necessary is is it to have, and my response, VERY NECESSARY! (and just because i sell it either). Yes, it is  developed to "maintain" a healthy beard and promote growth, but for whatever reasoned or another, that hasn't been descriptive enough for you .  So here are top reasons why “I” personally keep a few bottles of beard oil around;



  • Drastically reduces the ITCHINESS


You may not feel this drastic calmness if wait till after you feel like you're gonna scratch your face off. But if you use beard oil as a part of your regular face cleasning routine, you will definitely notice that you won't itch nearly as much and not nearly as bad.


  • Eliminates BEARDruff

There’s nothing is more embarrassing that having food hanging from my beard, but when that food isn't food, but a big dandruff flake, now I'm self conscious and find myself always checking the mirror. Regular beard oil usage reduces dry flakes from even surfacing and making an appearance in my beard.


  • Increases romantic intimacy with the wife

This my friends is where the “rubber meets the road”. Like said earlier “not just any oil” will do. Some companies have harnessed the power of Aromatherapy into their oil mix. My favorite oil, Gibs, have done an amazing job with providing 3 oil flavors;


  • One for everyday (blue)

  • One for stepping out for date night (yellow) 

  • And THE ONE (red) for those special occasions when I feel the need to raise my level of attractiveness. ;)


Of course there's more benefits and  reasons you should add Beard Oil to your ticket next time you you visit for a haircut, but do you need another?


Reply and let me know about what's your favorite beard oil?