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Black Women's Expo 2016

Michael Banks is a Licensed Cosmetologist who specializes in men's image consulting, men’s grooming and custom precision haircutting. Men's grooming and clipper cuts are his focus, and his detailed eye will bring a fresh new life to your everyday style. Receiving his formal education at Pivot Point International, Michael is an innovative thinker with a sharp eye and is known to go outside the box to achieve whatever works best for each of his clients. As a competitive barber, Michael’s work was first publicly debuted in the 2002 Proud Lady National Barber competition, where he placed second in the contest.

Michael is a seasoned "haircutter" and has been in the business for nearly nineteen years. A trend specialist, Michael works 1-on-1 with his clients to co-create custom look; as an image consultant, Michael works with your hair texture to create a fresh new look! Have you been wanting to experiment with color? Michael is an experienced licensed cosmetologist, so book your color session with him today to update your hairstyle. Michael’s work has been featured on Chicagoland Christian recording artists Ryan Booker, Brian Pettis and a host of great musicians, educators, youtube video influencers, athletes, and business professionals. His clipper cutting and cosmetology skill showcases elegance, precision and creative talent.

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I believe a holistic approach to male grooming is the most effective way to solve problems that men deal with...
— M. Banks